April 6, 2018

AARDVARK-PNT Proof-of-Concept Success!

TMC Design Corporation recently participated in the Army’s Joint Warfighter Exercise18’ to demonstrate an A/PNT Proof of Concept/Demonstration.  The AARDVARK-PNT (Army Assured Rapid Detection Validation Asymmetrical Resilient Kinetic- Positioning, Navigation, Timing) performed flawlessly in adverse environmental conditions and exceptionally unforgiving terrain. The AARDVARK-PNT is a sensor platform that delivers the capability to detect and geo-locate the point of origin of GPS interference, analyze the interference, and utilizing our partner Lockheed Martin’s Radio Map/WALDO network architecture that provides RF spectrum command and control tools to commanders while allowing kinetic and non-kinetic capabilities to counter the interference or deconflict the RF spectrum of the battlefield. The exercise was executed at Ft. Bliss Texas and was evaluated by the Army Joint Modernization Command.


TMC Design’s Capture Coordinator, Regina Sanderson has been named Ambassador of the Month by the Huntsville, AL Chamber of Commerce!  Congratulations Regina, TMC is honored to have you as a part of the team.  Read more here.