Horn Antennas

Horn antennas characteristically provide significant directivity and gain. While horns are capable antennas they are also used as gain standards and feeds for parabolic dish antennas.  Horns are commonly used in applications operating  at microwave frequencies, specifically the UHF (300 MHz to 3 GHz) range.

Existing horn models start at 150 MHz and reach 15 GHz. All models are available in linear or circular polarization. To avoid specialization, automated variable polarization systems are available.

HO-90-24 Horn Antenna

The HO-90-24 antenna is a small,  high-power  directional antenna that covers the 8.2 to 12.4 GHz range. The operating frequency of this antenna make  it  ideal for RADAR, motion detection, space/satellite communication  and amateur radio applications.

HO-112-RH Reduced Height Horn Antenna

The HO-112-RH horn antenna operates from 7 to 10 GHz.  The   antenna  has   is   specifically designed with a small physical footprint for use in applications where space considerations are a factor.

HO-284-24 Horn Antenna

The HO-284-24 is a mid-size horn antenna that operates from 2.6 to 3.9 GHz. Contact a TMC Design representative for details on mounting solutions that are available  for proper  setup of  this medium sized antenna.

HO-430-10-HH Direction Finding Antenna

The TMC HO-430-10-HH antenna is the latest addition to our hand held, direction-finding (DF) antennas.  This S-Band DF antenna is ideal for testing or real-life DF scenarios.  The antenna is mounted on two ergonomic grips for easy handling and quick results.

HO-430-18 Horn Antenna

The HO-430-18 is a medium-sized, high-power horn antenna designed to operate from 1.7 to 2.6 GHz; ideal for point-to-point communications within the UHF frequency band.

HO-430-24 Horn Antenna

The HO-430-24 antenna is a large, high-power antenna that is designed to perform at frequencies from 1.7 to 2.6 GHz.  Mounting and installation should be thoroughly considered for this 6′ antenna.  Contact a TMC Design sales representative for possible mount solutions and installation services that are available.

HO-650-20 Horn Antenna

The HO-650-20 is a large horn antenna designed to operate in the 1.12 to 1.70 GHz range.

HO-650-24 Horn Antenna

The HO-650-24 is a large horn antenna designed to operate in the 1.12 to 1.70 GHz range. The antenna is over 8 feet at its prime dimension and weighs 320 lbs. Contact a TMC Design representative for a details on mounting solutions that are available for proper setup of an antenna of this stature.

The  HO-1200-15,  HO-2450-15 and HO-4925-13 horn antennas operate from  150 to 940 MHz.  The low frequency capability of these antennas consequently determines their large physical profile. To mitigate handling issues inherent with such large, cumbersome antennas they have been designed to function with ruggedized, military-grade trailers for easy positioning and maneuverability.  The inclusion of a trailer provides a platform for incorporating operational enhancements to the antenna.   The  trailers allow  the antenna to be transported over roads and highways at speeds up to 55  MPH.  Four  (4)  stowable stabilizer  jacks on the  trailer ensure a level and proper position  during  system  operation. An integrated rotary system is also included that will re-position the antenna for vertical or horizontal polarized transmissions. In addition, all trailer models come with weather-proof storage cases with  24.5 cubic ft. carrying capacity.