Omni-Directional antennas are used for communication systems that require equal coverage in all directions. Our custom designed omnidirectional antennas can be used for mobile solutions and can be built with a magnetic base for vehicles.

BC-06r Wide-Band Communications Antenna

The BC-06r is a wide-band antenna ideal for applications requiring a wide azimuth beamwidth without complete omni-directional coverage.  This small, mobile transmit and receive antenna is contained within a rugged, sealed fiberglass radome and can be provided with a magnetic mount for mobile applications (available with optional tripod).  High-power operation models are also available (BC-06r-HP).

  • Durable fiberglass construction
  • 120 degree forward azimuth beamwidth
  • High-power, 200 watt version available
  • Magnetic mount included
  • Ideal for point-to-point and mobile communications
TC-2700 Wide Band Mobile Communications Antenna

The TC2700 is a very wide band,  mobile communications antenna designed for both transmit (100 watts CW) and receive applications.  The antenna comes with a powerful magnetic base that firmly attaches to any steel  surface  (sufficient ground plane required). The unit is housed in  a sealed radome with replaceable  elements.