Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Systems use the latest in SATCOM hardware to provide quality space communications, testing and analysis capabilities to its users. The tactical information provided by these systems will prove to be an indispensable asset in your SATCOM training exercise, operational mission or test program.

SSA systems use TMC Design’s, custom instrumentation, command and control software to communicate with and control all system hardware and instrumentation. Created on a net-centric foundation, the software allows any workstation within an SSA system to control all aspects of the system. The software provides system operators with useful tools that  allow  users to make hardware connections and configurations, set up communication links and analyze  communication data. The software’s simplified user interface and virtual tools provide an engaging and error-free work environment for system operators. In addition to the operational controls, there are many offline tools available to the user for post data analysis.

Our SSA systems are highly customizable. TMC Design can build stationary systems or highly mobile, forward deployable systems, built to suit customer requirements. TMC Design sustainment facilities services are also offered for our SSA systems. Contact us for more information on an SSA systems built to suit  your application requirements.