TMC Design’s Tactical Multiband Antenna Trailer Systems are transportable ground-based Space Earth Terminals equipped with the  latest in satellite tracking and communication technology. Designed for operation under the military, TMATS is the most rugged answer  to the stringent requirements for operation in extreme  environments. TMATS systems are currently in use by multiple government entities.

TMATS can be controlled through software for remote operations that allows operators to perform major or minor position adjustments of the pedestal mounted aperture and track satellites through various schemes such as peak-power and programmed tracking.

The antenna system can be built to conform to  any  military  and NATO requirements and be ATTLA-compliant for transport via multi-modal means. The system can be quickly and easily configured.

  • Capable of operating in UHF, S, C, X, K, Ku, Ka and Q Bands
  • ATTLA Certifiable for C-17, C-5 and rail transport
  • ENET remote controlled with
  • Windows OS Interface
  • Ephemeris, TTL, Memory and Power tracking capabilities
  • CARC & Powder coat finish
  • Anti-skid trailer surface
  • Weatherized for wind, ice, rain and extreme temperature conditions
  • Heavy Duty Torsion Axles, 6000 lb. capacity
  • Highway travel up to 75 MPH
  • Capable of travel on gravel and unproved roads
Weatherized Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) Box

The system’s DTE box holds the electrical components that control antenna movement and satellite tracking. The system is environmentally controlled and weatherized to protect equipment housed inside it. Depending on the mission and equipment needed, the DTE Box is available in two packages; small or large. The DTE can also be equipped with a backup power system for temporary operation and protection of equipment and data in the event of a power outage.

GPS System

An on-board GPS unit helps the system automatically orient itself for automated satellite tracking.

Tow Attachment

An adjustable coupler/pintle allows the system to easily adjust for any towing vehicle.

20K LB. Tie-Downs

4 tie-downs on the trailer give the system the capability to withstand forces of up to 4.5 G in the vertical directions.

High Power Amplifier Slots

HPA’s are easily removable so the system can quickly transition to operate in a different satellite band.

Stabilizer Outriggers

Equipped with 4 outriggers to stabilize and level the trailer.