SATCOM Systems

TMC Design specializes in Space Control systems design and production. We offer the latest industry solutions in Offensive Counterspace, Defensive Counterspace and Space Situational Awareness. Many of our space systems are in use at locations around the world. Our Space Operations Center, located in Colorado Springs, CO, is dedicated to providing training, quick reaction support and a hands-on approach for new and existing  space systems.


DCS-related products function to provide protection of space-related resources and capabilities from attacks or interference. Additionally, DCS equipment can be used to protect space systems from unintentional interference caused by unrelated RF communications and data transmission systems.


TMC Design OCS products function by neutralizing the resources and capabilities of space systems. This equipment may be used to test satellite performance during development or operations or to actively and offensively engage a satellite to prevent access to unfriendly users.


SSA products will provide the user with tactical information required for proper detection, identification and tracking of artificial objects in Earth’s orbit. SSA information can be used for the benefit of training exercises, operational missions or testing programs. Typically, SSA systems utilize integrated, state-of-the-art, commercial-off-the-shelf technology similar to mobile satellite broadcast system used by the telecommunications industry.