Towers and Masts


The QDT-800 Quick Deploy  Tower  is a highly  portable structure designed to allow for the rapid deployment of mast-mounted repeater or jamming systems. Standard towers will mount four antennas and a repeater antenna on the same mast assembly. Masts can be modified to mount your unique antenna design.

The tower is adjustable to a maximum 6 feet (72 inches) in height and comes with the hardware provisions (level,  guy  wires &  transport container) necessary to ensure proper deployment.  The system is constructed from aircraft quality aluminum, welded by certified welders and assembled using only stainless steel  hardware.  The result is a ground structure built to aircraft standards that can be used in virtually any environment with little maintenance. Designed and fabricated by TMC Design in Las Cruces, New Mexico, our goal is to produce  a  system  that  is  structurally  superior, easily deployable and low cost.

  • Ideal for repeater or jamming applications
  • 15-minute setup time
  • Mounts up to four antennas at a time
  • 72” guy wires provided for added stability
  • Handheld leveler provided
  • Constructed to aerospace quality standards