What We Do


TMC Design is a cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing company. Our proficiency is in electromagnetics, telemetry, radio frequency communications, electronic warfare (EW), and CEMA cyber electromagnetic activities. We create, enhance, and sustain a multitude of systems. Examples include SATCOM earth terminals, ultra-heavy-duty mobile SATCOM terminals, space situational awareness tools (SSA), counter-space systems, EW systems, rapid prototypes, and custom antennas.


Our mission is to rapidly supply world-class, innovative, and cost-effective solutions for complex world issues. TMC Design Corporation is an advanced engineering company. Our expertise is in electromagnetics, digital signal processing, and radio frequency communications. We are committed to providing the US Government, and commercial customers, the most advanced technology through the synergistic integration of antenna design, radio frequency electronics, fabrication and intelligent software solutions that meet customers’ requirements.


TMC Design is an AS9100 D/ISO9001: 2015 certified supplier. This certification asserts TMC Design’s dedication to meet quality expectations of the aerospace industry. We accomplish this with our own established quality management system emphasizing customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Space Superiority (Tactical)

Our SSA systems are highly customizable. TMC Design can build stationary systems or highly mobile, forward deployable systems, built to suit customer requirements. TMC Design also offers sustainment facilities services for our SSA systems. Contact us for more information on SSA systems built to suit your application requirements.

Electronic Warfare Systems

TMC Design Corporation is a supplier of high-quality electronic warfare systems for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army,and U.S. Navy. Our GPS jamming systems use JPO approved exercises where certified systems are required. We are a versatile, adaptable company and can supply a single high quality, mil-spec EW system, or a thousand a month. Our facilities are ready to meet customer EW needs.

Custom Antennas

Our goal is total customer satisfaction. If your unique application requires a specialized antenna, not listed in this catalog, our engineers will help you develop a solution. In addition, the form and function of any catalog antenna can be modified in any manner that best fits your needs.

Custom Trailers

TMC Design’s Transportable Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Systems are transportable ground-based Space Earth Terminals equipped with the latest in satellite tracking and communications technology. Designed for military use, these trailers provide a self-contained, safe environment for operation of electronic SATCOM equipment in a variety of harsh and remote locations.

SATCOM Systems

TMC Design specializes in space control systems’ design and production. We offer the latest industry solutions in offensive counterspace, defensive counterspace, and space situational awareness. Many of our space systems are in use around the world. Our Space Operations Center, located in Colorado Springs, CO, provides training, quick reaction support, and a hands-on approach for new and existing space systems.

Assured PNT Solutions

  • LOCATA Net Technology
  • Up to 6 cm (2.3”) Position Accuracy Achieved
  • 10ns Time Accuracy Achieved
  • Transmit Frequency Customizable
  • Time Synchronized Transmitter Technology
    • Backup to GPS
    • Underground PNT / In-Door PNT
    • Inverted Test Range
    • Currently covering 2500 Square Miles of WSMR
    • Provide Truth Data in GPS Denied Environments