Space Superiority (Tactical)

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Systems use the latest in SATCOM hardware to provide quality space communications, testing, and analysis capabilities to its users. The tactical information provided by these systems will prove to be an indispensable asset in your SATCOM training exercise, operational mission, or test program.

SSA Systems feature TMC Design’s custom instrumentation and command and control software. The software communicates with, and controls, all system hardware and instrumentation. Created on a net-centric foundation, the software allows any workstation within an SSA system to control all aspects of the system.

The software has tools that allow systems operators to make hardware connections and configuration, set up communication links, and monitor communication data. The software’s simplified user interface and virtual tools provide an engaging and error-free work environment for system operators. In addition to the operational controls, there are many offline tools available to the user for post data analysis.


TMC Design Corporation is a supplier of high-quality electronic warfare systems for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, and U.S. Navy. Our GPS jamming systems use JPO approved exercises where certified systems are required. We are a versatile, adaptable company and can supply a single high quality, mil-spec EW system, or a thousand a month. Our facilities are ready to meet customer EW needs.

Typical SSA system configurations will have a Command Center, multiple SATCOM antennas (for simultaneous communication at multiple satellite bands) and support vehicles to serve as power generation stations and supply storage (if the system is mobile).


Mission support systems are available to provide logistical support. Such support services can include offshore / backup power, spare equipment storage and other provisions for extended operation.


SSA systems typically have a centralized control and command center with multiple workstations. For mobile systems, much of the control equipment is housed inside mobile, climate-controlled shelters.


SSA systems typically come with multiple SATCOM antennas for transmit/receive capabilities in one or more bands. For mobile solutions TMC Design can mount the entire SATCOM antenna system on a rugged, towable trailer rated for transport over land, sea, and air. See pp. 31 for more information on TMC Design’s mobile antenna trailer systems.