Custom Trailers

TMC Design’s Transportable Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Systems are transportable ground-based Space Earth Terminals equipped with the latest in satellite tracking and communications technology.  Designed for military use, these trailers provide a self-contained, safe environment for operation of electronic SATCOM equipment in a variety of harsh and remote locations.

Trailer systems are highly customizable and can be built to conform to specific military or NATO requirements.  Options that are available range from software controls for remote operations to compact body designs for increased transportability via air, land, and sea.  All SATCOM trailers are ATTLA-compliant and have been approved by DISA for use with DSCS.  Systems also meet commercial requirements for use with Asiasat, Eutelsat, Panamsat, and Intelsat providers.

All Transportable SATCOM Systems are manufactured at our Las Cruces, NM facility under the auspices of our ISO9001/AS9100-certified quality management program.



Many of TMC Design’s SATCOM trailer design considerations are transportation-related.  Trailer systems are designed to be transported through multiple means over land, sea and air.

Over land, SATCOM trailers can be transported via railcar and highways up to 75 MPH. The trailer accepts both pintle and ball attachments for towing.

Standard configuration trailers are ATTLA-compliant and can be loaded into C-17 and C-5 cargo aircraft for air transport. Options are available to extend air transport capability to C-130 aircraft. Trailers are equipped with 20,000 lb. tie down rings giving them the ability to meet air transportability requirements of MIL-STD-1366.


The Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) Enclosures are rugged and sealed 19” rack enclosures that provide housing for electronic SATCOM tools. The enclosure is designed to receive all RF, data and power connections to simplify operations. The DTE is climate controlled with an attached environmental control unit (ECU) and sealed to protect from foreign debris. Side loading and top-loading DTE configurations are available. DTE rack space is available in 10U, 20U, 32U or greater.



The Integrated Terminal Test & Control Software Suite (ITTCS) was designed for the trailer systems to provide users with remote and automated functionality to facilitate operation, accuracy and safety. ITTCS performs multiple tasks which include automated satellite tracking, real-time data reporting, frequency translation, signal & event configuration, event alarms, event recording and post-event playback & analysis.



A wide range of features on TMC Design’s Transportable SATCOM Trailers are customizable to provide a compatible solution that best meet the requirements of your application. The following list is a summary of major options that are available. Note that many options are not compatible with each other (e.g. Only the 2.4m offset antenna is compatible with the 14’ trailer chassis.).