Flat Panel Antennas

Flat panel antennas offer directive and gain performance comparable to Yagi-Uda, Log Periodic and dish models. However, the flat-panel’s straightforward and simple design render them an economic alternative to other models.

Moreover, the intrinsic casing of this model has earned it a reputation as a reliable choice for applications where outdoor operation and ruggedness are a requirement

TMC Design currently manufactures specialized flat panel models that operate in designated GPS frequencies. Available models are circular polarized (right-hand and left-hand). If current models do not perfectly suit your requirements, contact a TMC Design representative to request a customized flat-panel design.


The FS-1050 is a wide band, flat spiral transmit and receive antenna contained within a rugged, sealed epoxy-glass radome. The result is an exact threat representative antenna in a robust package. The antenna is available in a high power versions and with a deployable tower mount. The unit is also available with an internal modulator and amplifier for operation as a standalone jammer system.

  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • -20° to +150° F operating temperature
  • Optional connectors (SMA, TMC, )
  • High power model available