Wireless Bomb Jammers

TMC Design offers a variety of Wireless Bomb Jammers which provide proven protection against current threats for single vehicle applications. Units outfitted in every vehicle will provide coverage for large convoys and smaller two (2) or three (3) vehicle  parties.

WBJ devices are inexpensive, easy to assemble and quick to deploy. WBJ protects against the latest threats and is field programmable to ensure protection against tomorrow’s threats.

Ordered systems can be factory–modified to operate with specifications that best fit customer requirements. Modifications can include an expanded threat handling capability (GPS, sawtooth & H2K) and added power for extra coverage.

All orders come with an I/O box power plug, power cable, communications cable, documentation, operating software and Omni-directional EW antenna.


  • Customizable, optional modules available for UHF, VHF, HF, L and S Bands
  • Active jammer with continuous or hop operation modes
  • 8 analog spots each adjustable in frequency, bandwidth & power level
  • 40 digital spots with multiple digital modulations
  • All standard low power and all high power (H2K) threats
  • Modifiable amplifier adjusts output
  • Rugged Design (Mil-Std-810F tested for mobile environments)
  • Fully field programmable from a laptop (software provided)
  • Easy installation /operation
  • Discreet appearance, once installed
  • WBJ can be expanded / upgraded to combat the latest threats
  • Preserves blue force communications