Dish Antennas

Dish antennas are highly directive and typically exhibit high gain and low cross-polarization values. The parabolic dish antenna is widely known for its uses in satellite communications. However, the antenna is also  useful  in wireless applications at frequencies of 1 GHz and above. It is common to see this antenna in radio, television, communication, data and RADAR systems that operate in UHF and SHF allocations.

Our dish antennas and feeds are designed and fabricated to meet customer specifications. In addition to dish fabrication, design and alignment capabilities, we also provide test and validation services or can suggest alternate test facilities for customers that prefer independent test and validation services. TMC Design antennas are currently used by several US government entities for ground and air based communication, test and EW systems.


The BF-350-24 antenna is a polarization diverse dish feed with a 24” diameter prime-focus parabolic antenna designed to be electrically superior. A vari-pol box feed allows the antenna to be used in any desired polarization.


The BF-550-24 antenna is an electrically superior, polarization-diverse dish feed with a 24” diameter prime focus parabolic antenna that has been designed for operation in the 1400 to 2000 MHz range in any desired polarization.


TMC Design’s newest dish antenna, the BF-550-72, is an ideal directive L-band solution. This antenna’s design includes a vari-pol feed allowing it to operate in both Linear or Circular polarization.

The dish feed has an approximate 72” diameter and comes in a variety of mounting options.